Credit is the essential part when asking for a Home Loan, most mortgage loans are credit driven.

How can I fix my credit?

You can start by disputing any derogatory report with the creditors, although it’s very unlikely that they would clear you of the debt. We work with attorneys that make the process much faster by fining the technicalities in the fine print.  We then have the bad credit removed from your credit report

I have the receipt it’s paid and it still shows as a collection?

Unfortunately, just the receipt may not do it at times.  With that receipt we would do what’s call a rapid Re-Score.  Meaning we contact the three Credit bureaus and have them adjust your score.

What if I have no Credit?

No Credit is one of the easiest fixes, we would refer you to a couple places that grant credit to first time buyers and in 2 weeks we would have your Credit Re-Scored.