Consult with a licensed professional 

Before putting your home on the market or setting out to buy a new one, you should have real estate agents in your community call you. This is a good opportunity to get peace of mind, knowing your in the hands of professionals.

Need a Pre-Approval Letter!

Pre-Approval Letters in 48 Hours

Sellers want to know the buyer has the ability to obtain financing.  Most home sellers will require a Pre-Approval letter before they will consider a buyer’s written offer to purchase.

Let’s bring that credit score up!

We help you Clear Your Credit from late payments, collections, evictions, repossessions, bankruptcy, medical loans and student loans, that may be bringing down your credit.  You may qualify for the best rates and even Government assisted Programs.

What is my home really Worth!

When selling your home, the most important step is coming up with right Price.  Take a real look at what homes sold for in your same street. The Value of your home has Changed.  In 3 minutes get a good idea of what your home is currently worth.

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Helping you make smart decisions

We help with all aspects of the transaction, insuring our clients we have their best interest at all times.  Providing transparency and a full disclosure attitude is part of the service.

We offer many Real Estate related services to make the transition smooth as it can possible by.

Starting with Credit Repair for those that are looking to qualify for Government Grants and Programs as well as for people just looking for the best rates to Buy a home with minimal down payment or no down payment.

Our Loan officers shop the best Rates and Programs for you.  Going between Wholesale and Conventional Banks to find the best programs for you.  Whether your a First-time Buyer looking for your home, looking to Refinance to lower your monthly payments and payoff debt(car, credit-cards) or you want your money to add a room to your home.

Our Professional Realtor’s are always available and eager to help.  We understand there is no room for error and lives are often impacted.  We truly care about your needs an what the clients would like to accomplish.  We find a way to serve the client, by helping them with some though decisions.

Having All the Services under the same roof help a great deal with communication.  We strive for excellent service in all aspect of every transactions.


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